Robert Dedoes

Robert Dedoes

Summary of Experience:

Mr. Dedoes has more than twenty years of experience in environmental and energy exploration and production geosciences. He has held positions as a senior corporate manager, technical adviser, and research scientist. He has managed technical groups responsible for more than one thousand projects and multimillion dollar budgets. He is experienced in corporate acquisitions and divestments. His areas of technical expertise are geochemistry, biogeochemistry, and mathematical modeling.

Mr. Dedoes is the founder of Geochemical Dynamics Inc. a company specializing in the application geochemistry to environmental and energy exploration and production projects and litigation.


  • MS Geology/Geochemistry – Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
  • BS Chemistry – Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI         


  • Geochemical Dynamics, Inc., President/CEO, Present
  • Quest Consulting, Inc. Consultant, 2008 - Present
  • Shell Global Solutions, Westhollow Technology Center, Principal Consultant, 2001 – 2005 
  • EQUIVA Services LLC, Regional Manager, 1998 – 2001
  • Shell Oil Company, Mid-Continent Hydro-Geologist, 1997–1998   
  • CAA Inc., President, 1994 – 1997
  • Groundwater Technology Inc., Remediation Manager, South Central Region, 1990 – 1994
  • BCM Engineers, Environmental Scientist 1987 - 1990
  • Amoco Production Company, Research Scientist Intern 1986


  • Professional Geoscientist, Texas, #10570


  • General Geochemistry
  • Forensic Geochemistry
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Geochemical and Biogeochemical Modeling
  • Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessments
  • Mathematical Analysis 


Some of Mr. Dedoes’ professional experiences are listed below:

Significant Corporate Experience

Shell Oil Company  

  • Mr. Dedoes was senior strategist and technical expert for some of the corporation’s largest environmental litigations and was directly involved in all aspects of developing a defense strategy.
  • Senior corporate manager responsible for the integration of business management experience and technical expertise to develop and implement management strategies for large environmental and non-environmental concerns.
  • Corporate research scientist and technical expert.
  • Corporate resource for the implementation and application of Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) protocols to all operating facilities.


  • Regional Manager responsible for all aspects of environmental concerns regarding the merged corporation’s (Shell and Texaco) northeastern United States assets, including the creation and proper implementation of all technical, managerial and financial protocols.

Representative Project Experience


Petroleum geochemistry study related to source rock evaluation, reservoir fingerprinting, and oil-oil and oil-source rock correlation based on stable isotopes, chromatography, and biomarkers.

Research project to determine the mechanisms and rates of biodegradation of low molecular weight hydrocarbons under anaerobic conditions in deep groundwater. Study included stable isotope analysis.

Study using trace elements, rare earths, to track extent of waste discharged to surface waters and groundwater. Results indicated limited extent of impact.  

Conducted a formal geochemical study to determine the behavior of DDT and Lindane in soil, including adsorption kinetics and bioavailability.

Evaluation of chemical process and analytical procedures to determine cause of sporadic cyanides concentrations above permit levels in wastewater from a chemical plant. Excessive cyanide emissions were determined to occur due to inefficiencies in process chemistry and the formation of complexes in wastewater.  

Long term research project to develop geochemical model for carbonate sediment diagenesis as relating to the development of hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Geochemical evaluation and model to determine the effect of elevated pH solution entering a freshwater pond. The evaluation and model showed the maximum pH that historically could have occurred and concluded that no lingering effect remains in the pond. These results from the geochemical model and evaluation were the foundation of litigation defense.

Research study of geochemical processes occurring in soils, after the application of heavy metals. Study included thermodynamic and kinetic geochemical modeling. The results of the study are used to determine the best chemical additives to sequester the heavy metals in the soils.         

Developed mathematical model for quantifying air emissions of chlorinated hydrocarbons from waste treatment facility.

Numerical groundwater modeling of eight facilities with subsurface hydrocarbon releases. Models were conducted to evaluate bio-attenuation occurring under different geologic settings.

Risk Assessment

Conducted Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments for former pesticide and herbicide manufacturing facility. The facility had manufactured chlorinated pesticides and triazine herbicides for more than two decades. Evaluation included risk to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and direct contact by workers and nearby residences.

Ecological Risk Assessment for an agricultural property impacted by elevated pH and heavy metals. The risk assessment conclusion of no further action was accepted by TCEQ without further comment.

Completed Human Health Risk Assessments for more than seventy five leaking underground storage tank sites.

Technical support on over 100 Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments

Mathematical Analysis

Developed computer program for analysis of combined stochastic and cyclical time series. Program is used for both environmental and petroleum exploration and production data.

Developed mathematical/statistical model for allocation of damages between several parties in a major lawsuit concerning groundwater contamination.

Developed statistical model and associated computer program to determine environmental risk and associated cost for a portfolio of properties. The model evaluates risk using both parametric and nonparametric analyses and is used for a variety of business decisions and management of environmental reserves.

Conducted a water resource evaluation to determine availability of surface water for cooling associated with operation of a nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant was proposing an expansion and it was necessary to determine if enough cooling water was available from the adjacent water shed. A stochastic model was developed to determine water availability during periods of draught. The model predicts the probability of different surface water availabilities over a one hundred year period based on historic rainfall and evapotranspiration data and including future urban/rural growth. Model results indicated that with 95% certainty, additional water would be available for the proposed plant expansion.       


Lead scientist/consultant involved in the assessment, development and implementation of remedial strategies for a major Superfund Project.


Mr. Dedoes has authored or co-authored several papers and presentations.














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