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At Quest we provide assistance to the legal profession in the use of innovative approaches to problem solving, environmental and safety forensic investigations, root cause analysis, source identification, expert witness testimony, as consulting experts, determining environmental risk in mergers and acquisitions, permitting and regulatory compliance.  We have worked with foreign clients through US firms.  Our support of the legal community involves both plaintiffs and defendants.

Consulting Experts
As consulting experts, we work closely with counsel in evaluating the technical issues and how they can be best integrated into a case.  We have work with counsel in situations involving FBI, DOJ, EPA and Grand Jury investigations alleging criminal violations of environmental laws.

Industrial Accidents
We have investigated industrial accidents involving fatalities to determine the causes and contributing factors.  We have presented our findings in hearings before OSHA and have been successful in demonstrating that the client could not have anticipated the cause of the accident.  In another case, we were able to demonstrate that the plaintiff was unaware of the hazard because the odorizer was no longer detectable at the levels present in the gas due to a chemical reaction.

Expert Opinions
As environmental experts Quest personnel have offered opinions on:

  • Standard of care in manufacturing, chemical, recycling, petroleum bulk terminals, electronic parts, smelters
  • Standard of care in commercial and retail including service stations and dry cleaners
  • Sources of soil and groundwater contamination in industrial, urban and rural settings
  • Allocation of liability at Superfund sites based on constituents of concern and environmental risk
  • Appropriateness of response action and costs
  • Adequacy of investigations in due diligence
  • Analysis of closure and remediation costs

Due Diligence for Mergers, Acquisitions and IPO’s
Quest has assisted counsel in evaluating environmental, safety and compliance risk in mergers, acquisitions and IPO’s.  These have involved international and USA transactions many in excess of a billion dollars.  Our risk analysis and risk mitigation suggestions have been accepted by buyers, sellers and international accounting firms.  These due diligences have included oil and gas production fields, pipelines, refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, fertilizer plants, pesticide facilities, laboratories, explosive manufacturing facilities, heavy industries, off-shore platforms, marine terminals, mines, syngas and syncrude plants, electrical generating plants, recycling facilities and specialty chemical plants.

Compliance Audits
Quest personnel at the direction of counsel have conducted compliance environmental audits in anticipation of litigation or regulatory action.













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