Oil and Hydrocarbon Spill Assessment

Quest scientists and engineers have been assisting clients for more than 30 years in assessing crude oil and other hydrocarbon spills both on land and into fresh and saline water bodies.  Consulting services have been provided for a variety of clients including oil companies; rail, barge, and truck transporters; service station operators; oilfield service companies; pipeline operators; and chemical and petrochemical companies.  These services have included some or all of the following:

  • Emergency environmental response
  • Water resource impacts
  • Chemistry of response and monitoring
  • Forensic analysis of cause and effect
  • Source identification and hydrocarbon fingerprinting
  • Groundwater impacts from leaking above and underground storage tanks
  • Contaminant assessment
  • Baseline and background assessment
  • Natural resource damage assessment (NRDA)
  • Ecological risk assessment (ERA) including exposure and bioavailability analysis
  • Mitigation and restoration strategy
  • Training

The key component with any active hydrocarbon spill is immediate response for effective oil/hydrocarbon containment and assessment.  Quest’s consulting preparedness and response is well known and respected among its clients.  Our scientists and engineers are highly experienced in forensic analysis that relates exceedingly well to analysis of cause and effect and eventual mitigation and restoration of impacted resources.  














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