Quest Consulting, Inc. is not a remediation contractor in the classical sense.  It does not own earth-moving equipment, drilling rigs, or even a shovel.  What Quest is renowned for is as an environmental consulting firm experienced in the nuances of arriving at the technically superior, most cost-effective, value-added, lowest risk environmental remedy to address the contamination issue of interest; whether it is air, surface water, ground water or earth related contamination.  In addition, Quest has performed many times as the remediation project manager or general contractor, directing those performing the actual physical work.  In these instances, Quest acts as QA/QC, compliance and oversight manager, liaison with regulatory agencies, and author of the final completion report.

Quest’s forte is guiding and assisting clients and counsel through the difficult regulatory, technical and cost issues that determine whether the remedy will attain all objectives and become a technical success in solving the particular contamination problem.  The process begins long before the actual physical act of remediation – Quest is extremely adept and experienced guiding clients and counsel through these initial site-characterization steps, described elsewhere on Quest’s website.  The actual remedy steps typically include the following:

  • Determining and applying regulatory and legal requirements for compliance with laws and regulations including securing all permits,
  • Development of remedy alternatives that will meet project objectives based upon the site analytical data,
  • Determining the cost of the selected remedies,
  • Determining the risks of the selected alternatives,
  • Selection and recommendation of the optimal remedy,
  • Implementation and oversight of the selected remedy,
  • Verifying attainment of the remedy objectives, and
  • Activation of any post-closure requirements.

Quest’s ability to act on behalf of the client in any aspect of the remediation process has earned it a reputation for fairness, objective-oriented and value-added performance, and keeping the client informed.   















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