Quest Consulting, Inc.’s safety services are centered on two general arenas:

  1. Design, Facilitation, Implementation and Auditing of an industrial safety management program either with or without a concurrent environmental management program and,
  2. Forensic investigation and expert witness representation in an industrial accident or other safety-related incident.

The first activity is broken into a number of steps and usually consists of most of the following elements:

  • Review/design the organization chart and “chain-of-command” in accordance with the level of risk acceptable to the company
  • Review/design safety policy (ies) and program(s)
  • Review/design safety and emergency response procedures and manual(s)
  • Review/design safety training program(s)
  • Review workman’s compensation claims history and OSHA 200 logs
  • Review/design company safety metrics, tracking records and operating procedures
  • Review/design selected facility accident/incident safety reporting and follow-up programs
  • Review/design the drug and alcohol testing policy and program
  • Visit and interview key non-safety related to ascertain their safety needs.  The number will vary depending upon the complexity of the organization.  They should be selected based upon their group’s safety history, representativeness, company impact and other factors deemed relevant. 
  • Interview other individuals responsible for safety programs
  • Review/design any employee safety incentive program
  • Review current and prospective customers’ safety requirements whether contractual or a safety questionnaire
  • Auditing periodically to determine the program’s effectiveness and adjust as necessary.

The second activity is much more difficult to describe because it involves an industrial accident or incident or series of similar incidents that result in lawsuits addressing resulting property damages and/or death(s).  There is almost always no similarity between one incident and the next so it is difficult to generalize on the specific approach used to solve the individual problem.  Quest freely works for either plaintiff or defendant and frequently assists insurance companies determining the validity of a claim.  The forensic nature of the investigation often results in a “root cause analysis” because the incident is caused by a systemic failure within the “system” or the series of events leading to the incident are so complex that it is necessary to “take an incident apart” to determine its root cause.  Some-times what appears to be the obvious cause is not the root cause.

Quest Consulting, Inc. traditionally uses the scientific method to investigate the events leading to the incident; examining established company operating and safety procedures governing activities leading to the incident(s), interviewing personnel involved or responsible for the incident(s), examining physical evidence, documents, records, third party eye-witness accounts, photographs, etc. that describe the incident(s), brainstorming all of the potential causes leading to the incident using both science and engineering, and preparing an expert report expressing Quest’s opinion.  Quest has frequently appeared in deposition or in court defending its expert opinion while representing the client.















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