Storm Water Management

Storm water management has recently become an important aspect of environmental management because of the potential impact upon human health and other downstream eco-systems.  The main reason for the attention by regulatory agencies, particularly the Environmental Protection Agency, is that storm water is the main conveyance vehicle for area sources. i.e. non-point sources, particularly industrial, commercial and residential development and agriculture.  Quest Consulting, Inc. has a strong history of regulatory and technical involvement and experience in successfully completing storm water projects, particularly those where a discharge contaminant is either difficult to identify or control or both.

Storm water management services provided by Quest typically involves some or all of the following components:

  • Identification of regulatory and legal requirements for the facility(ies),
  • Identification of all actual and potential sources and determination whether specific stream pretreatment is needed,
  • Determining the permit requirements for the facility, i.e., whether a general permit is available (based upon the facility’s NAIC) or a plant-specific NPDES permit is needed,
  • Obtaining the permit needed through a Notice of Intent,
  • Identifying, installing, implementing, updating and monitoring Best Management Practices,
  • Developing, installing, implementing, updating and monitoring the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan,
  • Guidance and/or assistance with the discharge compliance monitoring program,
  • Regulatory, compliance, and risk-oriented auditing, and
  • Other consulting as needed on specific issues.   

Quest Consulting, Inc. prides itself on a forensic approach to storm water management, i.e. minimizing and/or managing contaminant issues at their source.  Usually, compliance with storm water discharge parameters can be best met with this approach and also the ultimate cost of compliance is the lowest.  Quest will be happy to assist you in an examination of your storm water issues and presentation of our ideas concerning your specific situation.















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